Is it possible to install a heating mat in the shower?


Installation of a heating mat (under tiles) in the shower in the shower area is a question constantly asked by many people. In many forums or blogs you can see endless statements for and against.

Let’s start with the fact that the shower belongs to the “0” zone, which means: Zone “0” is the interior of the bathtub or shower pool. Equipment and fixtures installed there should have a degree of protection of not less than IPX7.

The formula tells us only about the interior of the shower, but what if the heating mat is in the floor structure, stuck in the adhesive under the tiles, does this layer belong to zone “0”? Here we do not have strict regulations, but reasoning logically it is not the interior.

QuickNet nVent RAYCHEM shower heating mat

Did you know that the nVent RAYCHEM QuickNet heating mat has the most stringent approvals and is approved by the manufacturer for installation in wet areas (including under showers).

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  • CE approved – CE marking is a European mark of conformity, attesting to the manufacturer’s use of and compliance with the relevant requirements of European directives / regulations, as well as the standards associated with the product. It is a mark characterizing the appropriate level of safety of the product. A product that meets the safety requirements will be marked with this mark giving information to the user that it is safe and correctly marketed. Includes nst. standards:
    • EN 60335-1: xxx Electrical domestic and similar equipment – Safety in use….
    • EN 60335-2-96: xxx Electrical household and similar equipment – Safety of use…. Specific requirements for flexible heating mats for space heating, including A1:2004 and A2-2009.
    • EN 62233: xxx Methods of measurement of electromagnetic fields of electrical household and similar equipment with regard to human exposure.
    • EN 60335-1:2007, EN 60335-1:2002+A11+A1+A12+Corr+A2:2006
    • EN 60335-1/A13:2009-10, EN 60335-1/A13:2008
    • EN 60335-2-96:2004-07, EN 60335-2-96:2002+A1:2004
    • EN 62233 :2008-11 ; EN 62233 :2008
    • EN 62233 :2009-04 ; EN 62233 :2008
  • It has VDE approval – The certificate is awarded by the German inspection institute Verband der Elektrotechnik – one of Europe’s largest technical and scientific associations. VDE-certified devices are thoroughly tested under various operating conditions. Fire resistance, pressure resistance, electrical insulating properties and a number of other factors related to safety during operation are verified.
    • DIN EN 60335-1 (VDE 0700-1):2010-11; EN 60335-1:2002+A11+A1+A12+A2+A13+A14:2010
    • DIN EN 60335-1/A15 (VDE 0700-1/A15):2012-03; EN 60335-1/A15:2011
    • DIN EN 60335-2-96 (VDE 0700-96):2009-06; EN 60335-2-96:2002+A1:2004+A2:2009
    • DIN EN 62233 (VDE 0700-366):2008-11; EN 62233:2008
    • DIN EN 62233 Ber.1 (VDE 0700-366 Ber.1):2009-04; EN 62233 Ber.1:2008
  • It is approved by SEMKO – Swedish product certification in terms of meeting safety standards.


  • Installed in a layer of cement-based mortar, the mat is permanently protected from mechanical damage.
  • Installation must be carried out only by a person authorized to do so, such as an electrician with SEP electrical license or PRO RAYCHEM installer.
  • Before commissioning the installation, three measurements must be taken: insulation resistance at 1000 volts, which assures us that its insulation is not damaged: before laying the mat, after laying the mat on the floor, after sealing with glue and tiles. The same applies to continuity measurements of the resistance of the heating cable. All the results of the measurements must be entered in the installation acceptance protocol.
  • The installation according to building standards must absolutely be protected with a residual current and overcurrent circuit breaker.

QuickNet is the safest heating mat on the market. In addition, when something happens, the manufacturer is the only one on the market to also vouch for the repair of your floor under warranty!

Heating mat in the shower

Heating mat in the shower

The nVent RAYCHEM QuickNet heating mat can be installed under tiles in wet areas such as:

  • benches and seats in steam baths,
  • On swimming and changing rooms,
  • In heated chaise lounges,
  • and in many other wet areas where water is normally present.

Electric floor heating in the shower

In the store you will buy electric heating mats that will fit any bathroom with a shower.

Electric floor heating in the shower
Heating mat in the bathroom shower

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