What is the power of the heating mat under the tiles?

What is the power of the heating mat under the tiles?

The first thing to know before choosing the heating power of the mat is that its higher value does not mean more electricity consumption. Instead, you can count on the floor and the room to heat up faster. What does this mean in practice? The fact is that with a lower heating power the floor will … Read more

Tiles for the bathroom, warm and pleasant!

Bathroom tiles

Wyobraź sobie, że wychodzisz spod gorącego prysznica, wyciągasz stopę poza brodzik i kładziesz ją na płytkach podłogowych. Jednak zamiast przejmującego, nieprzyjemnego chłodu, czujesz ciepło płynące z głębi podłogi, delikatnie ogrzewające stopę i przedłużające fantastyczne uczucie gorącego prysznica lub kąpieli. Czy to tylko nierealna fantazja? Nie, to już może być rzeczywistość. Poznaj płytki do łazienki, które grzeją. Wszystko dzięki elektrycznym matom grzejnym!

Heating mat for the kitchen. You need to know this!

Heating mat for the kitchen

Electric underfloor heating is often associated with a living room where children play, a bedroom with ideal sleeping conditions, or a bathroom where you don’t have to worry about cold tiles after a shower. Far fewer people see the advantages of such a heating system in the kitchen. Are heating mats really not suitable for this room? Or is it simply that the advantages of such a solution are not talked about loudly? Check for yourself why it is worth installing underfloor heating in this room as well!

Additional electric heating – does it make sense?

Additional electric heating - does it make sense?

What to do when one room is cold all the time? Is it necessary to get an additional radiator, working with central heating? A good alternative may be to make an electric underfloor heating system. However, it is not a matter of replacing the heating system in the whole house, but of insulating only selected areas with an additional heating system. Can heating mats work together with other heating systems? And does such cooperation make any sense at all?

Heating film under panels can electrocute electricity!

Heating film under panels

Heating film under floor panels does not have a protective screen. The leakage of energy from the heating film under the panels is not only a trap for life. Is heating film under floor panels safe? More power in underfloor heating foil – advantage or temptation? What is worth checking before buying a heating film? How about a heating mat under floor panels instead of foil?

What are the applications of electric surface heating?

What are the applications of electric surface heating?

Electric underfloor heating is widely known as an alternative to coal or gas boilers or heat pumps. However, it is worth knowing that this is not the only use of heating cables in buildings. Find out how electric heating technology is still being used – not only in single-family homes, but also in other buildings and their surroundings.

How to install a temperature sensor in a heating mat?

Comment installer un capteur de température dans une natte chauffante ?

Every heating kit from a reputable company includes a protective tube for the floor temperature measurement sensor. Installing the floor temperature sensor in the protective tube is an essential step for any heating system and should not be skipped. Floor sensors can sometimes fail. Only the correct installation of the protective tube will allow the damaged sensor to be replaced without problems.